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Happiness & Misery

You may think about wellbeing in terms of what you have: your income, home or car, or your job. But evidence shows that what we do and the way we think have the biggest impact on wellbeing.

The Key Determinants of Happiness and Misery, published in June 2017 by the Centre for Economic Performance in the UK and early published in the World Happiness Report, 2017 found that within any country, mental health explains more of the variance of happiness in Western countries than income does. Nowhere is physical illness a bigger source of misery than mental illness. Equally, if we go back to childhood, the key factors for the future adult are the mental health of the mother and the social ambiance of primary and secondary school. Any activity that protects an individual’s good mental health particularly if you are a Mum is going to have a profound effect on your and other’s lives.

Netherlands, Canada, New Zealand, and Australia and Sweden tied for the 9th position in the World Happiness Index, with only 3 decimal point change since 2014.

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