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We are believers in positive mental health. We are advocates for wellness and recovery. Good mental health needs to be protected and improved, even when there is mental illness. A state of individual health and wellbeing can be achieved, regardless of the starting point.

We live in a time of significant stress. We interact with each other based on stress; our community consultations tell us about how people perceive stress and we are relentlessly subjected to stress via the media.

All people have strengths both inside themselves and in their environment. These strengths can be used to protect against the impact of stress. By doing 5 simple things in your life, you can fortify your wellbeing, thereby achieving positive mental health. Give the 5 a try today!

  • Northern Health

    Northern Health is a dynamic health service, providing vital public healthcare to residents of Melbourne’s northern suburbs and the surrounding regional communities. Our five campuses offer services to a vastly diverse community at all stages of life. Each year our organisation continues to grow and develop as we adapt and improve services to meet the ever-changing needs of the community we serve. We are dedicated to providing the highest standards of clinical care and providing quality, innovative care in a compassionate manner.

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  • North West Area Mental Health Service

    North West Area Mental Health Service provides mental health services to adults aged 16-64 in the Cities of Hume and Moreland (with the exception of the Hume Wellness and Recovery Team, which provides a whole of life service).

    The service employs 196 EFT staff across six sites at Coburg, Broadmeadows, Pascoe Vale and Craigieburn. NWAMHS provides a broad range of adult services including Community Teams; BIPU – Broadmeadows Adult Acute Psychiatry Inpatient Unit (25 bed); CCU – Broadmeadows Community Care Unit (20 units); PARC – Prevention and Recovery Care Service (10 beds), Psychosocial Research Centre and Glencairn Private Consulting Suites. All services are provided by multidisciplinary teams that support the needs of consumers and carers through assessment, crisis intervention and treatment that focuses on individual needs and goals developed in conjunction with the consumers and carers. North West Services are underpinned by principles of wellness and recovery.

    North West Area Mental Health Service is responsible for the 5 Ways to Wellbeing message being communicated across Victoria. This initiative follows a two-year project with our community partners and local community members from diverse cultural backgrounds about ‘wellbeing’. This resulted in the adoption and adaption of the ‘5 Ways to Wellbeing’ public health improvement message.

    For more information contact:

    Doris Sant,
    Population Health & Community Partnerships Coordinator North West Area Mental Health Service
    Northern Health

    Promoting mental wellbeing In CALD communities.

    Northern Health and North West Area Mental Health Service, acknowledges the New Economics Foundation UK, and the UK Government, for permission to adopt and adapt the 5 Ways To Wellbeing to the Australian and culturally diverse context. For more information, download the New Economics Foundation Review of Scientific Evidence Supporting 5 Ways.

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