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Welcome Mariposa Trails as our Newest 5 Ways Partner

Mariposa Trails is a community driven project dedicated to social health, wellbeing and suicide prevention in the Latin American community of Adelaide SA.

The project aims to connect people to opportunities for community learning and for this to be accessible and affordable, using community experiences and voices. Mariposa Trails believes that everyone is a leader in their journey and there is richness and courage in sharing voices and experiences that emphasise change, transformation, resilience and living with challenges.

Through connection to culture, arts, music, folklore, rhythms and the arts we can keep sharing the seed of tolerance, empathy and compassion in our walk to gain social health and wellbeing.

Mariposa Trails refers to the journey of the monarch butterflies and migration, the transformation that takes place through this path and the meso American legend where by  the butterfly is known to carry our most sacred secrets to the Creator.

For more information, visit the Mariposa Trails Website

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