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Welcome to Court Network as our newest 5 Ways Partner!

Court Network was established in 1980 in Victoria and over the past 40 years, the service has grown significantly with Court Network volunteers (known as ‘Networkers’) available in 28 major metropolitan and regional courts and tribunals in Victoria and Queensland. Recently established Telephone Support Service is available to all court users in Victoria and Queensland statewide.

Court Network is a frontline community organisation that enables court users to better understand and navigate the court system. Networkers empower and increase the confidence of court users to manage the requirements of the courts. Our role is complementary to that provided by legal and other services within the courts and tribunals.

Court Network operates across all jurisdictions. Our free, non-legal court support service is delivered by 500+ Networkers who are trained to provide support, information and referral services on an impartial and non-judgemental basis to all persons, including applicants, respondents, victims, witnesses, defendants, and their families and friends who attend court with them.

Many court users assisted by Court Network have no legal representation.  Our service provides an important contribution towards court users accessing justice, particularly for more vulnerable and disadvantaged court users.  Court users may be attending court for the first time, be unrepresented, be unfamiliar with court rules and processes, lack knowledge about what is expected of them, feel unsafe, not being able to understand and participate effectively in the court processes, and be in need of someone to listen, provide support, and to assist them in navigating the court system. Court Network’s services also provide direct benefit to the administration of justice by reducing the demands on other services inside and outside the courtroom, thus bringing economies to the courts’ operations.

Contact information:

1800 571 239 Telephone non-legal support to court users

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