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Welcome to HALT as our Newest 5 Ways Partner

HALT was formed in 2013 in Castlemaine, a town in regional Victoria and is a national grass-roots suicide prevention charity.  HALT holds events across Australia to remind tradies and blue collar workers that they are valued by their community and to raise awareness of mental health.  We encourage tradies  to help out their mates if they are struggling and let them know where to get support if they need it.

HALT presentations remind workers that they are not alone and identifies the supports and services that are available to them when things get tough.  HALT presentations ensure workers are linked to services that can support them to build positive relationships, maintain their physical health & social connections,  manage alcohol and drugs dependence and access financial counselling and planning services.

HALT values the Five ways to Wellbeing initiative and its natural alignment to HALT’s core business.

More information about HALT can be found at their website and their Facebook Page

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