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Welcome To Our Newest 5 Ways Partner – Little B.I.G. Foundation

The Little B.I.G. Foundation is on a mission to reduce loneliness by inspiring communities to become better connected. Australia’s loneliness epidemic is coming to a tipping point. Nearly half of Australians don’t have neighbours they can call on for help. Our vision is for a future in which people enjoy kinder, happier and healthier lives. We strive to counter loneliness with every little meaningful moment we create.

We do so by fostering a deep and personal connection to community through a shared community hub, where locals can come together to hang out, join a free event or host an activity that’s good for the ‘hood’. We inspire and empower communities by creating opportunities for connection. We believe it’s the little things that make a B.I.G. difference. B.I.G. lives are made up of brief moments and it’s these little moments of connection that can have the biggest impact on someone’s day.

Find out more on website: Connect with us via email: or on our socials: on Instagram @summerhilllittlebighouse and on Facebook @TheSummerHillLittleBIGHouse

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