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More Important to make the 5 Ways Yours during COVID 19

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It’s More Important to make the 5 Ways Yours during COVID 19

While we all eagerly await for more restrictions to be lifted, the impact on our healthy habits are only just beginning to reveal themselves.  There isn’t a time in our recent history where it is more important to practice the 5 Ways every day.  This is evidenced by the results of the ABS Household Impacts of COVID-19 Survey which found that around a fifth of people reported having trouble maintaining a healthy lifestyle with loneliness being the most widely reported source of personal stress for Australians during April.

The survey also highlighted changes to people’s lifestyles during the period of early-April to early-May, including:

▪ 22 per cent who said they are eating more snack foods such as chips, lollies and biscuits;
▪ 14 per cent who said they are consuming more alcohol, and 10 per cent who said they are consuming less;
▪ 58 per cent who reported spending more time in front of their television, computer, phone or other device; and
▪ 29 per cent who reported less frequent consumption of takeaway or delivered meals, while 38 per cent spent more time cooking or baking.

The challenge to maintain connection is made more difficult with 46% of Australians working from home in late April and early May.

Like most of you, we are no expert in online resources, nor do we endorse any of the sites listed below.  We are merely a group of dedicated mental health advocates and clinicians.  We simply want to offer suggestions that may benefit one or more people to make the 5Ways their ways or to give the 5 a try. – to find a friend only (not a dating site)

Be Active:

Keep Learning

Be Aware:

Help Others:

Try one of them and email us to let us know how you found it.

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