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“Our staff group walk every Tuesday in the park and it clears our mind and energizes us for the afternoon”

- Deb

“My son started getting into scootering so I was at the skate park most weekends. I used to skateboard a bit when I was in my teens and I am now in my 30s. I noticed one of the other dads who didn’t look much younger than me [do it], so I thought why not? After a few falls and a bump or two…I am up and skateboarding again. It is awesome to know that I can still do it and my son loves the fact that we do an activity together.”

- Mohammed

“I was feeling tired most of time and wasn’t getting anywhere need the recommended exercise they talk about. I am so busy with work, the kids and keeping up with their schedule there is little time for me. So I started taking the stairs rather than the lift at work. I know I get at least 15 minutes of exercise a day and I feel like my mind is less foggy. It is amazing how little it takes to feel better.”

- Annie

“I started swimming a couple of mornings per week and I feel so much more energetic and positive.”

- Chrissy

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