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“I started volunteering in a local neighbourhood initiative. I have been knocking on my neighbours’ doors to ask them to complete a survey about how well they know their neighbours. I now know so many more people and I have introduced a few of those I met to others I have met. It is wonderful to help people around me.”

- Manal

“I was one that always thought, how can I help people [when] some days I can barely get out of bed myself. Then I came across some Youtube video on 5 ways and I realized that it can be as little as holding a door open for someone or letting them in ahead of me in traffic.”

- Katherine

“I was on [a] tram yesterday going to work and I noticed an older lady struggling to get her shopping trolley up the step. I jumped up and gave her a hand. No big deal, but I considered it my random act of kindness for the day.”

- Fadi

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