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“I was sitting on the sofa at night watching TV and eating snacks. I was getting fat! Then I read something on MSN that talked about not snacking after 7 or 8 at night. It was really hard to sit and watch TV and not do something with my hands so I decided to take up knitting. I went to Spotlight, spoke with one of the ladies who helped me with the needles, wool and directed me to a couple of websites. I visited my Grandma and she sat down with me and went through it step by step. I am just about to finish my first scarf, in the Collingwood colours of course”.

- Mariam

“We live inside a bubble within a big world. But with the internet, everything and everyone is closer now. I can’t afford to travel to meet new people from different cultures but I can jump online! So, with this in mind I took up conversational Spanish through the CAE. I now have posted an ad on Language Exchange to talk with someone from Spain.”

- Mary

“I am a Holden man from way back! When I was a kid, dad drove a Kingswood…good times. I was really excited to see a few wrecks advertised on Gumtree and thought ‘ I wonder if I could bring one back to its glory years?’ So, I went online and checked out a few Youtube videos, spoke with a couple of fellow enthusiasts and grabbed a manual. I pulled out the motor with a mate last week. She is going to look beautiful.”

- Allen

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